Balance Scales

Home made balance scales for kids’ play. Here’s something fun to try, a set of scales made in an afternoon from found materials. Empty cat litter containers (trays) 1×2 wood scraps (uprights and arm) Plywood scraps (for base) Scrap piece of 2mm wire (as the pin) Various washers and screws Stand Two pieces of 1×2, […]

Jigsaw Conversion

Adding grip handles to a kids jigsaw Helped out our daughter at the weekend with a school project. She wanted to add some knobs to a jigsaw to make it easier for young kids to grab. I had some dowel spare, so we used that. It was too small to use a power tool to […]

Coat Hook

Made a coat hook for the mud room. Not completely sold on it, but it was a quick project and I got to try a new skill – cutting an oval. Should be pretty easy right? We all did a variant of this in school. Make two fixed points, loop some string around them and […]

Concrete Rain Guide

There is a corner of the garden where the driveway slopes down to meet a small patio that has a hole in the wall. This hole nicely directs all the rain and mud down on to the patio making a bit of mess. Every time I walked past I thought ‘that needs sorting out’ and […]

Espalier Fence & Arch

The brief How to grow fruit trees in a small garden and make them look pretty using the espalier technique. (Obligaroty Pretty pictures.) I didn’t get a good spread of pictures for this one. To setup this up, the garden is rectangular and the fence will go along two sides of it, i.e. it will be L shaped. […]

Tiger Moth

Fancy something crafty to do for a few hours? There’s a few of these kits from Metal Earth, which in these parts you can find in most hobby stores. Basically you get a laser cut sheet of thin steel and a schematic-like set of instructions. You need tools to cut the shapes out – I used […]

Sugru that Kettle

Automatic kettles are a wonderful thing. You turn them on, they turn themselves off when ready. What more could you ask for? Sadly, they don’t make ’em like they used to. We have had our share of failed kettles, normally around the switch or lid mechanism. So when the current kettle decided that it no […]