Privacy Film for the Front Door

Privacy film is a covering you can get to turn clear windows into opaque windows.  We had a small window by the front door that the dogs were always barking at people walking past. Here it is covered up with bamboo. Before that we put it on it was quite see through. If you look […]

Network Cable Faceplate

For when you don’t install cables correctly and just poke them through the walls. The correct way would be to terminate the cable at a wall plate. But since I had a ready made cable that seemed like a lot of effort. So instead I cheated and just poked it through the wall. Which works […]

Tie Fighter

My daughter got me another Metal Earth model for Christmas 2016. Took me a while to get to it, but here it is now, the Rogue One Tie Striker. This one was rather tricky with a lot of small pieces. It’s possible my eyesight isn’t as good as it once was, but I needed a light […]

Bedroom Oasis

Here’s the finished bedroom renovation in glorious technicolour. I’d like to show what it looked before but of course I forgot to take pictures. We did the following removed the old phone wiring along the baseboards, along with all the old paint build up, scraped it down and repainted. got a professional in to put […]

Crown Molding (the wrong way)

We finished repainting the bedroom and realized it would look a lot better with a spot of crown molding. This is not something I’d done before and I can’t say I was particularly good at it (see later pictures) but paint hides a multitude of things and it ended up looking alright. General Our local […]

Mortise Lock

Our house was built around the 1920s and still has some of the original features, such as doors and their mortice locks. As we slowly go around the house redecorating each room, one of the tasks is to rediscover these lovely locks from years of paint and grime build up. Here’s the assembled lock And […]

Raised Beds

We’ve always wanted some raised beds put have always been put off by the cost of materials However, pressure treated (PT) wood has recently change quite a bit and is now suitable for using next to vegetables. These beds are on a slight slope and so the first step was to dig out a level […]