Another Garden Arch

The kids playset was taken down a few weeks ago and that left a hole. Holes should be filled and so we now have the beginnings of an edible garden (i.e. everything in it should be edible, at least to something). This of course means we need a new arch.

There’s a lumber yard in Lindsay that has all manner of large bits of wood to make fences for fields and that kind of thing. All that was too big but tucked away in the corner was a pile of 3-6″ diameter pine that looked like it would do. It was a bit of job finding bits under 10′ to fit in the van (as I had cleverly not brought the trailer or bungee cords along), but eventually I swapped $30 for 6 or so pieces.

Mainly to make it go further we split the smaller parts with an axe (which Alex proved to be quite good at – scary) and throw it together with large nails.

Spikey Arch 2

Spikey Arch 1

The string is supposed to be for the Kiwis to grow up, only it keeps falling off. We’ll probably replace it with twine or wire and thread it through the horizontals.


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