A Hungry Mouse and a Trailer

A few months ago we noticed some of the lights on the trailer weren’t working properly. We changed the bulbs and poked around but couldn’t find the source, and anyway we were a bit busy so it got left. Well last weekend it was time to get serious. Armed with screwdrivers and a multi-meter I tested the wires and realized the problem was at the van end. A little nosing under the back and the cause was easy to find – a very chewed up bunch of wires.

The wires were wrapped in cloth as opposed to the plastic protecters I expected to find. The winters get a little cold around here and it’s not uncommon to discover our little furry friends have taken a liking to stuff left in the garage or shed. A piece of dirty cloth was probably irresistible.

So it was decision time – take in the van to get fixed or attempt to replace the chewed up wires. That didn’t seem too difficult so I had a go at that. Now my soldering skills are not exactly legendary and it took a couple of goes to get rid of all the dry joints but eventually all the lights on the trailer were blinking when they should.

Needless to say the wires are now wrapped in plastic.


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