Wax Garfield

Here’s a fun one. Save the wax casings from babybell cheeses and use them to make a wax model of the nearest plastic toy, which in this case is Garfield.

I used plasticene to make the mold which turned out to be a mistake as it stuck like crazy to the wax. Oops, let’s back up a step. Squish the plasticence over the model making sure all the detail is captured. You will need to make the mold in two parts then push them lightly together. Use a scraping tool (or end of a spoon) to poke inside and smooth out the joining lines.

Heat the babybell wax in a metal bowl over boiling water (just like melting chocolate) and pour it into the waiting mold. Now wait a few hours, or overnight to be sure.

Now the tricky part is taking the plasticene off. The large bits come of by hand but I needed to use paint thinners and a metal tool to slowly peel off of the small stuck bits.

If I ever do this again I’ll experiment with vaseline inside the mold. Anyway, this is how it all worked out.

Wax Garfield



2 thoughts on “Wax Garfield

    1. If you have to ask … 🙂 Do you recognize it at all? It’s the same Garfield I used to take into my O/A level exams. That’s why he’s covered in pencil marks as I used him as my doodle model!

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