Organic Protrusion Model

Here’s a fun project. Take a can of foam (‘Great Stuff’) and spray onto a piece of cardboard (like some packaging) until the cardboard gets wet and splits. Continue spraying whilst the foam bubbles out the other side and stop when it looks about right.

Leave to harden, remove the remaining the cardboard, place onto some hardboard and trim.

Now this is where I went wrong so if you do this then do something else. Once dry and based properly it needs to be prepared for painting. I just sprayed it with white undercoat but over time it just kept cracking. If I was to do it again I’d probably use paint undercoat as opposed to the stuff in a spray can.

Some sand was glued to the base for some grit affect and then the whole thing painted. Due the size of the piece I used the kids water based paints which determined the colours as I could only find red/black/white/brown. Again, different paints probably wouldn’t have cracked as much.

This was a particularly painful process and I ended up painting the whole thing numerous times as the paint kept cracking. Finally I put the last coat on and varnished it to see if that would work. Not that well, as it turned out. Still, it was fun to do and looks quite effective.

Affectionately known as ‘the Vomit’.

Organic Protrusion I

and just for a size comparison, here’s a close up with a Tyranid (Games Workshop)

Organic Protrusion II

(You can see the fine network of cracks in the paint caused by improperly undercoating)


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