Dr Who Animation

We got a second hand camera (Nikon D60) with a remote control (fancy). I just had to try that out so did a quick stop frame animation with some Dr Who figures.

There were definitely some mistakes made. For one, the pictures were shot at 10 mega pixels but converted to video using ffmpeg at 640×400 so it ends up looking a bit murky. Next time I’ll keep it at a much higher res until the final video conversion. Also, I used a frame rate of 20 pictures per second which made the whole thing look a bit like a Benny Hill skit.

One the stills were converted to video I used iMovie to splice it all together, mainly because it was the only video I had.

Oh, the ‘special effects’ were done with The Gimp. This has what is a strong contender for Worst User Interface and the learning curve is steep. However, it has two redeeming features – it is powerful and it is free.

Anyways the final product looked like this :

Dr Who (at Flickr)

The second Dalek is supposed to be destroyed by the first only I had deleted the original frames so couldn’t put the effect in. (Lack of space on the hard drive is a terrible thing.)


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