Grow lights from scratch

Continuing the weeks theme of grow lights, the other project I’ve been working on during the cold months is a set of grow lights built from scratch. The main frame is made from 2×4 and bolted together.

The idea is that the shelves can be repositioned in the handy set of holes drilled on each support. That didn’t really work out as the holes where too far apart and effectively means there are two settings instead of the four that were intended. Ah well, after the growing season is over I’ll put some more holes in.

Grow lights from scratch

There are three shelves, each 4′ in width and 20″ deep. The size was completely determined by the space available to put it. As it is the Mother in law has a bit of a squeeze to get past into her downstair’s flat 🙂

Also new this year is a 4′ heating mat from Lee Valley Tools. This was a large expense ($80) but appears to have been worth it as the seedlings are already storming ahead.

Here are the happy seedlings in their new home.

Seedlings in grow lights

On the top are some ivy cuttings and the middle shelf has some annuals starting. Further than that I do not know as that is Sue’s domain, she handles all the growing things in the house.

So another winter is coming to a close and my indoor projects are done. No more wearing 5 layers of clothes to work in -10 (or less) degrees in the garage.

As a sneak peek into the year ahead the big ticket items are building the chicken coop, finishing off the pond wall and patio and extending the patio outside the shed so all the plant shelves can get of the lawn and onto something less muddy. Onwards!


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