There’s a really neat site (in Japanese, use Google translator for giggles) that has paper models available for download.

You pick the model you want, print the design, cut out and glue together. Here’s a R2-D2 I’ve been working on for nearly a year now. (I do a bit in the evenings then forget about for a while, then pick it up again.)

What’s neat about this is the head rotates and the feet move so you can position it. A word of warning though, some parts of the model are a wee bit tricky to put together. Also the instructions are just diagrams annotated in Japanese so study them carefully.

Here’s a list of things I recommend to assemble complex paper models like this

* Sharp knife. A blunt one just tears, which is messy.
* Metal ruler. You think you can cut a straight line by hand? Bet you can’t. Also very handy for folding.
* Cutting board. Coffee tables are not recommended unless you live alone.
* Glue. Any paper glue will do, in fact that cheap white stuff you used as a kid is perfect.
* Tweezers. I use these to hold two bits of paper together until the glue dries.
* Nail scissors. Nice and small to cut out any curves.
* Patience.

There are loads of models on the site, now I’ve done this one I should look for another one to do. They’re perfect for doing in front of the tele.


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