Bag ‘o Bits

I recently acquired a whole bunch of Mastercraft rotary bits for the princely sum of $40. Now, we are talking 1,000 accessories to whatever they call their version of a Dremel. Much more importantly to me, I have a Dremel and this was an absolute bargin.

After filling up an entire plastic parts tray with all manner of polishing, grinding and cutting tools I was left with 40 diamond tip engraving bits that deserved a better home than being thrown into a plastic compartment.

After scratching the noggin for a bit I enlisted the help of Joyce, my Mother-in-law and Keeper to the domain of the Sewing Machine. With a bit of tweaking, this is what we came up with.

It’s a bit of cloth with pockets in it for 20 bits a side. But the clever bit is that it can be rolled up into a tight bundle.

Like so


Now that is what I call Rather Neat.


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