We had collected a lot of babybell cheese wrappers, which are made of wax, and so it was time to make a candle. I have this stuff called Composimold (see earlier post) which is great for making moulds with. A quick rumage through the kids rooms and we had 5″ figurine to test.

After making the mold and casting the wax this is the before and after picture


Can you spot the deliberate mistake? Unfortunately there wasn’t enough composimold to make the head. Ahem. Never mind.

Also, on the spur of the moment we (myself and Alex) experimented with putting some string in the mould to make an actual candle.

Well, what do you do with candles? It was time to get a burn on. Here’s a frame by frame of the candle burning.


It actually burnt rather well.

Next time we’ll get his head in as well.


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