Making chocolates sounds fun! How hard can it be, just melt a bit and pour it into the mold -easy.

Apparently not. First of all I had a bit of a problem melting the chocolate. After (badly) burning a plastic bowl in the microwave and turning the chocolate into lava it was time to turn to the melting in bowl over hot water technique. Tip: throwing the chocolate in as one big lump does not work.

Chopping the chocolate up fine is much better, only now its a thick lump that wont pour. A friend gave me a tip to water it down with a sugar solution. Ah, that worked much better. Melted, poured, in the fridge, job done.

Only next morning the chocolate still hadn’t set and was just as runny. Watered down too much. However, on the fourth go (and running out of chocolate) I got much closer.


I also suspect that leaving it in the fridge may not have been the best either. It looks like more like a sweaty gorilla than a chocolate toy!

Still, it might be worth having another go. I’d rather not have a block of chocolate though, I’ll have to think about something to put in the middle.


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