What’s Inside Your Phone

My son has a way with electronics that is quite remarkable. They tend to break or malfunction near his vicinity with alarming frequency. So it was with little surprise that he announced a few weeks ago that the screen on his cell phone was blank and there was a black thing hanging out the back.

Luckily my new set of screw bits from iFixit had just arrived and I had a 000 bit ready to go. It took a while to work out but in the end it turned out to be fairly easy to disassemble.


The black thingy was the flex cable from the screen the to cpu. No wonder the screen wasn’t working. There was no chance of repairing that so the hunt was on for a replacement.

Which took a bit of searching, but finally some one called Etrade Supply came through. The part was only 7 bucks or so but, of course, the part was being shipped from China which meant a $15 postage. Hmm. Oh well, there was no Canadian import firm that I could find so the part was ordered.

It only took 5 days to arrive, which is pretty impressive. Even more impressive was that after assembly I had no screws left over. I mean, the screen worked and the phone was good to go.



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