Chicken Coop VIII

So time has passed and the chickens have settled in nicely into their pen. Well, as long as you count eating all the grass and stamping the dirt down into a hard surface settling in nicely. Which would be fine in the summer but tended to become a sticky bog in the rains.

Brains were engaged and thoughts were made. The conclusion was made: an extension was necessary. Now, if our dog had not developed a taste for chicken we could let them roam free, which would be ideal. It’s a bit of a shame that they do tend be viewed as protein on legs, especially by animals with teeth.

So in the pen they stay.

Chicken Shed Extension

It was a bit quick and rough but there it is. Functional, I think you’d call it. It’s a been a few weeks now and the grass has not disappeared completely so there’s definitely a bit more wiggle room for them.


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