What Colour Should Garden Tools Be?

Here’s a question for you, what colour should garden tools be? Here’s a selection of hand tools from our garden:


I see lots of browns and greens, which is pretty typical.

Now let me ask another question, how hard is it to find the tools when you put them down on the ground, either on the grass or in a bed? Why do we have camouflaged tools?

After we had lost yet another knife (they seem to be the ones that go the quickest) it was time to do something about it. Painting them red was not my idea, you can find it in many places, but it is a good idea. So a quick spray later and … voila!


Now that’s only spray paint so it will wear off after a season but I think it’s pretty clear in that shot how much easier they are to find.

Oddly enough, we do have a pair of Felco pruners which are widely regarded as one of the best pruners you can get and they only come in one colour.

Bright Red.


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