Carve Pumpkins with Peanut Butter

Now I’m a big fan of carving pumpkins, we do it every year. Since it’s always a good idea to switch things up every now and again I was very intrigued when I saw this whimsical article about using squirrels to carve pumpkins.

This I had to try.

First I brought a small pumpkin and marked out a quick pattern, nothing too complicated as I’m pretty sure our local wildlife has never carved pumpkins before.

Pumpkin 1

Then small holes were drilled along the lines.

Pumpkin 2

And then the holes where stuffed with peanut butter, which apparently is nature’s favourite source of protein.

Pumpkin 3

Hmm, delicious. Let’s leave this juicy treat out in the garden and see what happens.

Pumpkin 4

Update after leaving out overnight:

Nothing. Well, some of the peanut butter had gone, but that could just have been the rain. Either that, or our wildlife eats very carefully.

Update Day 4

Nothing. Well, not true, most of the peanut has disappeared but not to things with claws.

Pumpkin 5 Day 4

Update Day 9

Since most of the peanut butter had vanished by now I thought it was time to refresh it a little. So far we have a few scratches and dents but nothing resembling carving.
Come on critters, there’s only a few weeks to go.

Pumpkin 6 Day 9

Update Day 10

It rained most of the day. I am beginning to suspect that this carving trick only works with squirrels and we don’t have many of those around.

Pumpkin 7 Day 10


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