Death Eater Papercraft Mask

Paper craft seems to be the just the thing for those evening winters when the family gathers around the tv to watch the latest singing related reality competition.

Fancy something more interesting but not that difficult to do? So do I.

If you are not up to creating your own templates, there are a lot of sites out there on the inter webs that have paper craft models ready and waiting to go. Here’s one I came across that has a series of Death Eater Masks from Harry Potter.

Death Eater Paper Template

First you need to print them onto a sturdy paper called card stock. I got a pack of 200 sheets for about $10 from Staples, but if you don’t have a handy office supply store nearby then ordering on online is always an option.

Also, if you don’t want to print out the templates on your own printer due to how much printer ink costs, it can be very cost-effective to go for a walk and get a printing store to print it for you.

This template is pretty simple, about 14 pieces, and they all large enough to handle without tweezers. Just cut them out and glue together with white craft glue. The only trick to this model is getting the curve right on the edges, as the model curves like a real mask does.

Death Eater Mask

Because I wanted to hang it on the wall I added a paper hook to the back. This is just a thin rectangular piece of card stock with a hole cut out partially glued to the model.

Just for fun I put the mask on a drumstick and rotated it to get this

Of course, now I have seen the finished version it is just asking to have the eye holes cut out and a rubber band tied to each side 🙂


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