Window Box

The shed at the end of the garden lost a window box at the beginning of winter and has looked a bit forlorn with only one of them left.  It’s time to right that wrong and make the shed smile again.

First thing I wanted to know is why the box fell off, which turned out to be quite simple – it rotted off.  Since both boxes were attached the same way it seems likely the other one will go at some point so it’s probably best to make two boxes.  This time I will use cedar and put some spacers between the boxes and the shed to allow for more drainage.

Using the original box as a template, here are the first few pieces routed out on the table saw.  I don’t have a dado saw so just used a normal blade and made 8 or so passes each cut.


Here are all the pieces ready for one of the boxes


and here’s one of the boxes assembled.  They were glued and had a few screws


After assembling both of them it was time to paint.  Each one got two coats of undercoat and two coats of yellow paint which we had left over from when the shed was originally painted.






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