No More Wobbly Toilet

Our toilet wobble has been steadily increasing the last few months and it finally came time to do something about it. A quick investigation showed the bolt that attached the bowl to the floor was loose, and a slightly longer investigation showed the reason why was a broken floor flange.

My first thought was a new flange and wax ring, but a (surprisingly) helpful assistant at the local orange big box store suggested repairing the flange with this bit of metal.


Less parts, less work? Sounds good to me. After removing the toilet bowl here is the broken flange.


It’s not completely clear but the bit on the tiles has broken off from the top left. The repair is to put the bolt back, snap the broken bit of flange in place and cover with the piece of metal.

Which was a little tricker than it should have been due to the wax ring getting in the way and needing but eventually it was screwed to the floor and looked like this.


The bolt is now fixed in place and bodes well for non wobbly joy.

Sure enough, here is the finished throne in all its stable glory.



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