Bee Hotel

This is another one of those projects that came out of Suzanne’s garden lectures she goes to. is a buzz phrase at the moment as with all the bee diseases around it behoves us to look after the wee beasties. After all, who else will pollenate the fruit trees?

Specifically it’s the mason bees who like to burrow into the dirt who are having a hard time of it. Spare patches of dirt are becoming increasingly rare in our gardens as we throw mulch down and pave over for car parking.

All the mason bees need is a small hole they can seal up. Suggestions around the ‘net include drilling holes in wood, using bamboo, other dead plant stems

So here’s what we did


All we need to do now is to wait and year and see if anyone moves in.


2 thoughts on “Bee Hotel

  1. It was hard to tell. The birds had a great time pulling all of the bamboo and twigs out and leaving them them on the floor. A lot of the holes appeared to full of something, which could have been hotel residents.

    This year we plan to put some wire mesh over the front to stop the birds from having too much fun.

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