Broken Chair

The boys are big teenagers now and a little on the clumsy side, so it is not always a surprise when something ‘accidentally’ breaks. Like, for instance, the arm of a chair that was clearly designed for a single person.

The bad news here is that the arm is integral in holding the back on, so in this case the broken arm meant a broken chair.

After a bit of pondering I saw an old metal snow shovel that looked like it could be pressed into service. A hacksaw was used to take off two 1″ strips and then the drill press used to match the existing bolt holes in the chair. To be on the safe side I went with 6 screws for each metal strip.

ChairFix 1

Here’s the other side, the plastic arm was also glued with gorilla glue before putting on the strips.

ChairFix 2

Fully assembled.

ChairFix 3

Not too bad and holding up so far, cross fingers.


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