Chicken Coop Update

Over the summer we have added 6 more chicks to our little band and the single nesting box was looking like it be inadequate once the chicks grew into hens.

Time to enhance the coop!

From the outside we added an extension that contained two nesting boxes, both accessible from a single door. With the old nesting box gone from inside there was much more room inside and we could also permanently close the access door that was used to get the eggs.

Here’s the new box

Chicken Run

Essentially it’s just a box with a divider down the middle. The bottom of it is double skinned and contains some pink insulation so the poor girls don’t freeze in the winter; and it’s mounted on some breeze blocks to match the height for the existing one. Every corner is caulked so as to cut down on places for grime to accumulate.

Here are some other pics

Chicken Run

Chicken Run

Finally, here are all the girls doing their thing

Chicken Run


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