My sons have been asking for a weight bench for a while but I wasn’t going to be getting a new one so they could use it once and then let it gather dust in the corner.

On kijiji there was a second hand weight bench only it wasn’t in the greatest of condition. Very rusted, and the padding was slashed. Still, I’m a sucker for a bargain so we got it … and it sat rusting in the garage for a month or so until I got around to cleaning it.

Well, this thing took a lot of cleaning, it was very rusted. First I broke it down into pieces, then used a stiff wire brush, some wire wool and finally a good dose of CLR. That cleared up most of the rust but it didn’t do a lot for all the dimples that were left. Then it was time for a coat or 3 of rust proof spray paint.

For the bench padding, I threw away the exiting fabric and brought some bright new vinyl.

After all that, it scrubbed up pretty good. Now all we need are some decent weights for it.



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