Fish Tank Stand

Fish Tank Stand

We had brought two goldfish with us to the new house and housed them sumptuously in a rain barrel. This wasn’t sufficient for the winter and so we brought a small tank to house them in. In order to keep costs down we just brought the tank, with no lid or stand.

I did search of home made stands but I could only find ones for the larger tanks. This one is only around 20″ so not really suitable for the fancy ones. Instead I just used some 2×4.

Fish Tank Stand

Sadly the stand was too tall and narrow and quite unstable, so I put on some very ugly stabilizers. Should have spent more time and made a better effort. I put a ‘lip’ of 1″x4″ around the top so the fish tank would’t slip off.

Fish Tank Stand

Filled in some of the major holes, gave it some undercoat and a coat of dark paint we had lying around.

Fish Tank Stand

With the tank on the top it wasn’t too bad. Had to put some felt pads under the corners to make it stable on the uneven floor.


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