Bedroom Renovation 1

One of the bedrooms in the house needed a bit of a spruce up. First on the list was a mismatched floorboard added by a contractor after doing some work.

Joyce Bedroom Floor

Not very pretty, and ill fitting as well. Luckily we didn’t need to find a colour match for the stain as my brother in law had some spare boards from when he did his floor that were a pretty good match.

You can see the two slightly different coloured boards in this picture.

Joyce Bedroom Floor Since this was an old closet the boards in the corner remained in what was probably their original colour. The other boards had been sanded and stained at some point in their life. Joyce Bedroom Floor

Also, just to keep things interesting all of the boards are slightly different widths. I just hope we don’t have to replace anymore.

Now the floor is fixed, the next step is to put a dividing wall.


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