Bedroom Renovation 3

Final stretch! So far we have repaired the floor, added a dividing wall and new baseboard. At this point it was time to undercoat everything.

Joyce Bedroom Closet

Not looking too bad. The left hand side is going to the closet, so it got some louvred doors; and the right side is going to be for a sewing desk.

Here’s the doors on and the interior painted an accent colour for the room.

Joyce Bedroom Closet

Moving to the right hand side we wanted some utility shelves for plastic boxes to container sewing things. Simplest thing was to put up some 2x2s as supports.

Joyce Bedroom Closet

And now with shelves plus some boxes used as reference. Joyce Bedroom Closet

Getting there! Moving to the left side, that was going to have some shelves on the left and a vertical shelving unit on the right, with two rails between them. The unit and all the shelves were made from 4 8′ sheets of 16″ white shelving.

Joyce Bedroom Closet Joyce Bedroom Closet

and that’s it! Here’s the finished look

Joyce Bedroom Closet

There’s a sewing cabinet in the righting the doors are shut on a closet full of clothes.

All in all, this took about 3 months of evenings and as many weekends as I could free up.


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