Tiger Moth

Fancy something crafty to do for a few hours? There’s a few of these kits from Metal Earth, which in these parts you can find in most hobby stores.

Tiger Moth

Basically you get a laser cut sheet of thin steel and a schematic-like set of instructions. You need tools to

  • cut the shapes out – I used a small wire cutter
  • bend the shapes – I used two small pliers

The instructions are mostly clear but you have to be careful on the different signs for bending; there’s one for towards you and one for away. Other than that, you find the shape, cut it out and bend it. The shapes go together in a Tab into Slot manner then you usually bend the tab back to keep it together.

Here’s the plane about half way through

Tiger Moth

Repeat for a few hours, less if you don’t get interrupted by family wanting dinner and you get something like this

Tiger Moth

Tiger Moth

Oh, and the wheels turn around. Nice.



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