Concrete Rain Guide

There is a corner of the garden where the driveway slopes down to meet a small patio that has a hole in the wall. This hole nicely directs all the rain and mud down on to the patio making a bit of mess.

Concrete rain guide

Every time I walked past I thought ‘that needs sorting out’ and then moved on to something else. A few weekends ago I was finishing up concreting in the posts for an arch and wondering what to do with a half open bag of concrete, when my eyes wandered to this hole.

Having always wanted to try a bit of concrete forming, this looked like a good spot for it. I measured up the space and cut some old plywood to fit, using ubiquitous duct tape to hold it together.

Concrete rain guide

In goes the concrete. Probably cement would have been better, as it would set smother without the stones.

Concrete rain guide

It was quick drying post cement, so should have been dry after a few hours, but I waited till the next morning. Surprisingly, the plywood came out easily leaving a lovely piece of formed concrete behind.

Concrete rain guide

Plonked some fancy bricks on top and that’s not bad at all. A few days later I went out when it was raining and verified it mostly works. The whole area needs some proper landscaping to direct the water away from the house, but for now, this will do nicely.

Concrete rain guide


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