Howls Moving Castle 1

More paper craft! A little bit more ambitious, this one is the castle from Howl’s Moving Castle. It’s a big project and since I only work on it now and again it’s taking a while. So far I’ve been working on it for a year … Here’s some shots of the pieces just cut out. […]

Bedroom Renovation 3

Final stretch! So far we have repaired the floor, added a dividing wall and new baseboard. At this point it was time to undercoat everything. Not looking too bad. The left hand side is going to the closet, so it got some louvred doors; and the right side is going to be for a sewing […]

Bedroom Renovation 2

Following on from patching up the floor, the next step was a dividing wall. Cue some 2x4s and a chop saw montage. We saved a few more pennies because we had saved some plasterboard from the attic renovation and it was just the right size for this wall. Always after the plasterboard comes the bucket […]

Bedroom Renovation 1

One of the bedrooms in the house needed a bit of a spruce up. First on the list was a mismatched floorboard added by a contractor after doing some work. Not very pretty, and ill fitting as well. Luckily we didn’t need to find a colour match for the stain as my brother in law […]

Paint Stripping

Our house has some lovely old hinges on the doors but over the years they have acquired quite a few layers of paint. Luckily the internet is full of useful suggestions on how to remove it. The recipe is simple. Add enough baking soda to cover the bottom of an old pan, then fill with […]

Fish Tank Stand

We had brought two goldfish with us to the new house and housed them sumptuously in a rain barrel. This wasn’t sufficient for the winter and so we brought a small tank to house them in. In order to keep costs down we just brought the tank, with no lid or stand. I did search […]

Kitchen Door Protectors

This one might not work out, we’ll have to see. The kitchen doors in the new house are painted, which means they get dirty finger prints and chipped very easily. In order to protect the paint I’m trying out this It’s a piece of plastic cut from a soft folder, the ones designed to hold […]