Shed Interior

What do you do with an empty shed? Fill it up of course! So far we have the bench, some shelves and a tool rack. For the tool rack, the forks and spades were placed on the floor and arranged tightly together. The height between the two bars and the distance between the hooks was […]

Garden Shed from a Box

Welcome to the new addition to the garden, a Shed from a Box. Mostly finished. We have a large workshop at the end of the garden but its apparently been difficult for Suzanne and I to agree on how to organize the space inside. The solution? Build a smaller shed just for gardening. Makes perfect […]

Tile Cutting

Recently I had to cut some of the little tiles for a kitchen backsplash. After a few attempts I sandwiched the fiddly buggers between two pieces of plywood. Which worked quite well. Thick work gloves and safety glasses are also recommended.

Kitchen Renovation

Bit of a long one, this. Should have been posting regular updates but got a bit a busy. Let’s start with the before and after pics. After Before Top tip for all renovations – take a before pic so you can see whether all the effort was worth it. This one took about 6 months […]

Balance Scales

Home made balance scales for kids’ play. Here’s something fun to try, a set of scales made in an afternoon from found materials. Empty cat litter containers (trays) 1×2 wood scraps (uprights and arm) Plywood scraps (for base) Scrap piece of 2mm wire (as the pin) Various washers and screws Stand Two pieces of 1×2, […]

Jigsaw Conversion

Adding grip handles to a kids jigsaw Helped out our daughter at the weekend with a school project. She wanted to add some knobs to a jigsaw to make it easier for young kids to grab. I had some dowel spare, so we used that. It was too small to use a power tool to […]

Coat Hook

Made a coat hook for the mud room. Not completely sold on it, but it was a quick project and I got to try a new skill – cutting an oval. Should be pretty easy right? We all did a variant of this in school. Make two fixed points, loop some string around them and […]